Getting Your Business In Local Web Search Results

This is just another post relating to your online presence, but I’ll keep it much shorter than the last one!!

What Are Local Search Results?

In case you don’t know, the ‘local search results’ are part of Google’s search results when location-based searching is enabled. It is the map that appears with related businesses on it. Try it – just go to Google and try searching for “Mexican food”, or “dog grooming”… and if you have location-based searching enabled, you’ll see a map of various locations in your area to choose from. This is important info that can quickly and effectively bring new customers directly to a business.

Does Your Business Appear in Local Results?

Now, here’s the real test. Search for something that a new customer might use to find your product/service. Don’t search for your business name! For example, if your business sells sporting goods, then try searching for “sporting goods”. (In my case, I can be found by searching for “web design” or “web development” anywhere within 100 miles of Kingsport, TN.) Does your business appear in the local search results? Does it have all of your current info when you click on it? No?

If you aren’t appearing at all, or only some of your business info is appearing and/or incorrect… I can help! It’s not too complicated, and you won’t have to spend much at all – it just involves adding a small amount of code into your existing website, and letting Google know about it. If you want more details or would like a quote for your website, please contact me via the contact page.