Website Updated!

Despite being extremely busy with client work, it has been driving me nuts not having a more “complete” website up… So after around 30 espressos and very little sleep this past weekend, I’ve added a bit more to the site! So, what’s new?

The Blog

Just a typical web designer/nerd blog, really. I plan to post things here about web design & web development related topics, maybe a product review or two, some occasional photos, and more random nerdy stuff. I’ll try to post at least once a week, time permitting. (Note: This section is still a work in progress, but it’s at a good starting point and I feel comfortable going public with it.)

Projects Section

As my public portfolio continues to grow, displaying everything on the front page was not going to be a realistic option. I’ve created a new ‘projects’ section where I can display my website design & development projects with a bit more organization. Like the blog, this section is still very much a WIP. I’ve kept everything basic in nature for now, but that will change!

Contact Page

Just a standard contact page, with a form and my phone number. (I doubt I will do much else on this page anytime soon, as it does the job perfectly & cleanly.)

What’s Coming Later?

Outside of this crazy world of web design and development, I actually have lots of other passions! Two of those are cooking and making traditional art, which I really enjoy sharing with others. At some point, I’ll either add new “recipe” and “art” sections to the site… or perhaps even spin those off to another website altogether. But for now, I’m slammed with client work – so those plans are currently on the back burner. Catch you on the next post!