Hi, Iā€™m Daniel Stout. Freelance web developer, dog parent, hobbyist chef, disc golfer, and music nerd living in East TN.

Your Next Web Developer Awaits!

Today's digital world is a competitive and often confusing place for a business owner. You want expert-level solutions, but the rates of large marketing agencies and firms can be shockingly high. I completely understand this ā€“ and I can help!

From ultra-fast websites and apps to marketing mini-sites, email campaigns, social media & SEO assistance, and much more ā€“ I will work with you to deliver targeted and effective solutions at more reasonable rates.

Quick Bio:

Passionate and continuously learning freelance web developer with over fourteen years of professional experience. Enjoys programming in several languages, solving problems, and clean (but playful) designs. Also an excellent communicator.

Currently Seeking:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses wanting affordable digital solutions to boost sales, brand awareness, and customer base.
  • Art directors and/or web designers who would prefer to avoid coding. Let me code that for you!
  • I'm also open to the right company looking to hire a remote React developer, full or part time.

Recent Projects

*Note: Older projects (mostly WordPress and CakePHP) available upon request.

My Toolbelt:

Currently šŸ’—s:

  • React.js


  • Gatsby.js


  • GraphQL


  • Node.js


  • Netlify



  • ES5/ES6/ES7

  • React + Redux

  • GraphQL and RESTful

  • Express.js

  • Socket.io

  • Testing: Jest, Enzyme, Mocha

  • OAuth, Passport JS, JWTs

  • Promises, Async/Await, Axios

  • APIs: Stripe, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Youtube, Twitch, Discord, Reddit, DarkSky, and many more


  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • Responsive Design


  • CSS-in-JS

  • Mustache, Handlebars, Pug

  • Bulma, Bootstrap, Materialize

  • BEM familiarity

  • Accessibility familiarity

Build & Workflow

  • Github & Bitbucket

  • Webpack

  • Yarn/NPM

  • Linux and Windows CLI

  • Chrome Dev Tools

  • Netlify (static hosting)

  • DigitalOcean, Heroku (dynamic hosting)

And Also

  • Excellent communication skills

  • PHP & MySQL

  • Firebase

  • jQuery & MooTools

  • WordPress

  • CakePHP

  • Puppeteer (Browser Automation)

  • Grunt/Gulp/Bower

Let's Talk!

Have a question or comment, or want to discuss a project/job? I would love to hear from you!