Welcome! This is just a quick post to officially announce the launch of my new JAMstack-powered StoutLabs.com. I have been deep in the depths of learning a TON of JavaScript for the past few months, and this is actually the first live website example of it. So...I'm pretty stoked to officially begin a new chapter in my career and see where this new knowledge takes me!

Quick Notes About the Site:

  • This website was built with GatsbyJS (v2 beta), uses Prismic.io as a headless CMS, and is hosted on the amazing Netlify.com. I absolutely LOVE this combo, and will definitely be using it more and more! (Seriously... I cannot say enough good things about all three of them!)
  • To be honest, I didn't spend a ton of time on the design... mainly because I've been busy working on a separate GatsbyJS (v1) site for the past few few weeks. I do have plans to come back soon and "polish" things up a bit, though!
  • For the same reasons, this source code may be a bit "messy" in places. Re-factoring will come... but I will probably hold off on that until Gatsby v2 moves out of beta.

A Note About This Blog

My previous blog format/content was stale and provided no real value... so I scrapped it! With this new blog, my plan is to write more "bite-sized chunks" on web development & design: quick tips/tutorials, code lessons learned, mini-reviews, condensed case studies, etc. (There will still likely be longer posts scattered in, but I want to keep things as short and sweet as possible.